Our hospitality made of warm smiles, like the sun that warms our beach,
by authentic foods, like the ones our grandmothers cooked,
and an atmosphere that will make you feel at home, just like Romagna.

Our Meals

Without a doubt, our kitchen is the main reason so our guests come back to visit us even after generations.

It is not just about quality; of the raw materials we choose with care:
to make all the difference is passion that we put into preparing our traditional dishes, to set the table every morning with freshly baked cakes and brioches.
Loredana Villa Gori
At the table you can really taste Romagna, without having to move from the hotel.

If you are looking for a kitchen organic, 0 km, prepared with our hands, the Villa Gori is really the right place for your holidays.
Silvano Villa Gori

Our rooms

Our rooms will be the perfect place where to regenerate after a day at sea, and where to wake up rested in the morning with the scent of breakfast waiting for you in the dining room.

In each you will find a balcony overlooking on the quiet pedestrian area, and inside one of the hand-painted paintings by our Silvano.
Our rooms